Unprecedented Control and Management of Power,
Illumination, and Intelligence


As brick-and-mortar retail stores struggle to adapt to the quickly changing retail landscape, the ability to quickly and easily change store displays and lighting becomes a critical factor in remaining competitive. The LumaNext platform not only allows you to do this, it also provides directional and other forms of lighting where these were previously unavailable or cost prohibitive. And it becomes the easily upgradable and reconfigurable infrastructure for smart sensors, shopper data analytics, shopper engagement apps, and predictive marketing that improves the customer journey, customer experience, and strengthens both in-store and online sales.

Retail Energy Management SolutionsRetail Energy Management Solutions

Office / Institutional

Employees today are demanding more and more amenities and better environmental qualities in the workplace. There is much evidence for the fact that these improve productivity and health and wellness. Competitive companies are realizing that investing in employee retention by improving the workplace is the smartest investment they can make. The LumaNEXT platform improves environmental controls, greatly increases flexibility and rapid reconfiguring of the workspace, and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Office Energy Management SolutionsOffice Energy Management Solutions


Even though industrial lighting applications were among the first to use LED technology, options for quality lighting, networking, control, and ease of maintenance are still somewhat limited. The LumaNEXT platform provides a robust, future-proof, low maintenance, easily scalable and upgradable infrastructure for industrial lighting and other lower voltage applications, freeing up resources for higher power applications. Also, LumaNEXT flexible power options allow you to be grid-independent when required, insuring optimal use of assets and reducing downtime.

Industrial, Institutional Energy Management SolutionsIndustrial, Institutional Energy Management Solutions
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