The LumaNEXT Open Power Platform

A Complete Solid-State, Low Voltage Ecosystem For Power Management, Smart Lighting, And Data Collection And Analysis

Solid State Power Server

Smart Power Server Converts all power inputs, including DC from solar panels and other renewable sources, AC from the grid, and DC from batteries into a DC bus.


Smart Power Router

Smart Power Router receives safe low voltage DC from Smart Power Server and distributes it to various luminaires, sensors and other devices..


Battery Bank

Smart Battery Packs, connected to the Smart Power Server are the building blocks of a simple to install distributed microgrid. Battery Bank works as local power storage. Integrated with solar panels, the Battery Bank provides uninterrupted power and shaves Peak Demand charges.


Control & Networking Modules

DC Modules Regulate the current going to LEDs or other devices. DC Modules use Bluetooth Mesh networking for dimming and color tuning control.


Cables & Connectors

Cables and connectors are an important element of the Plug & Play architecture of LumaNEXT system, making the installation easy and inexpensive. Wire gauge is carefully selected for optimal performance and efficiency.


Lighting Products

Innovative LumaNEXT lighting products span every category: general lighting, task lighting, accent lighting as well as various illuminated signs and displays.



Sensors also plug right into Smart Power Routers and are used to trigger programmed dimming settings. In addition, sensors gather and transmit valuable data about zone occupancy, shopper traffic to the cloud-based database for analysis.


Controls & Analytic Software

All functions of LumaNEXT system components are controlled through dashboards on the LumaNEXT App from any computer or mobile device, giving users total control of their power, and enabling them to make intelligent decisions.

LumaNEXT Energy Management and Analytics Dashboard App
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